Dating silvertone guitar amplifier

Dating silvertone guitar amplifier

The amplifier is a hand-wired, point-to-point, single-ended Class A amp. Replaced the input jacks with Switchcraft 12A shorting jacks. Amazingly, this amp is still quiet while running. This would be my only real vintage amp, so I want to keep it as original as posible in tone and cosmetic vibe. Musical instrument manufacturing companies of the United States Sears Holdings brands. Outside was just lightly sanded ready to be finished by its ne Amp works great, NO static Quiet operation. Ty Stites February 18, at Finally, I added an attenuator insert like I have on my other amps. Apart from some replaced tubes, this chassis has all its original parts including the big paper-oil-wax filter capacitor. Specific info would be cool I'm likely going to build a replica cab since those things had flimsy particle board cabs.

Dating silvertone guitar amplifier - dating silvertone guitar(?) (Guitarsite)

How to Determine the Age of an Antique Silvertone Guitar, Our PastimesDating a silvertone Amp?, Harmony CentralWelcome to Silvertone World Find great deals on eBay for Silvertone Amp in Vintage Guitar Amps. Shop with confidence. Anyone know of any good sites with vintage silvertone amplifier info? Join Date : Oct ; Location: Hayward, CA; Age: 40; Posts: .. only Silvertone amp I have is the one that was built into the Silvertone guitar case. The Silvertone was manufactured by Danelectro for Sears and sold under Since Sears was sourcing tubes from RCA, this amp comes with the original. Refurbishing and Modding a Silvertone guitar amp. Dating a silvertone Amp?, Harmony CentralThe Unique Guitar Blog, ’s Silvertone AmplifiersWelcome to Silvertone WorldRegis's Silvertone Guitar Amp By Daniel expanded and became the exclusive guitar amplifier producer for Sears & Roebuck. At the same time he was also supplying other jobbers such as Targ & Dinner of Chicago. In the fall of , Daniel started production of solidbody guitars for Sears, under the Silvertone name. Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Silvertone Guitar Amplifiers at Guitar Center. Most orders are eligible for free shipping! In it he described playing most of his parts on “Can’t Buy A Thrill” (Steely Dan’s first album) on a Silvertone amp-in-case (guitar and amp too). Said he just turned everything up all the way and had a ball with it. These guitars and amps certainly knock some folks socks off.

Dating silvertone guitar amplifier - Silvertone - age? (Guitarsite)

Made by Danelectro, the guitar is super clean and plays and sounds amazing. This amp like most of the Sears amps of those days was actually manufactured by Danelectro. I re-labeled the inputs Hi and Low. Most of the wires in this one have been cut — I have no idea why as it appears that all the original components are still in place despite all the wires being cut??! It souned awesome for the price, obviously it wasn't the BEST amp out there, but it was like a poor man's bassman. I have been slowly hot rodding one of these little amps for a while now. Actually, I may even add a pF bright cap to one channel if it's too dark. Check out Rivington Guitars. N eck truss rod: I'm not sure if it's my age or not, but that dark muddy amp sound is just not for me. Some normal cosmetic wear and tear, all detailed in pictures. Funny, it sure sounded good in ! Interior with the new faceplate installed. We're major fan of Silvertones and have discovered that there's a lot of misinformation out there. Yes, my password is: Pickup shave nice output. I will research that further. Action is nice up the neck, frets are solid, tuners hold well. You can still see the outline of the old faceplate on the grillcloth. Guitar has had knobs replaced but otherwise all original. Grillcloth has been replaced and is being held on with tape. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. At that point I shelved it and moved on to other projects. So it might be possible that these were built for Sears by Harmony. Silvertone guitars became popular with novice musicians due to their low cost and wide availability in Sears stores and the Sears catalog. Takes about 10 seconds for the tubes to heat up. Also, thanks for the tip about the Alamo Capri.

Dating silvertone guitar amplifier Vintage Guitars Info - Danelectro Silvertone Coral vintage guitar collecting The electric guitars were generally made by Harmony, Valco or Kay. The covering used on most Silvertone amplifiers was merely inexpensive gray .. ( even if they're dating somebody else now) you have to watch this video. It retains all its original parts except for one preamp tube, one power tube, power are also original to the amp and have matching date codes and original solder. Many of these old Silvertone amplifiers have either been ragged out or. Also, is there a serial # method of dating this thing? I got a Silvertone Amp in Case with I turned 15 in (I'm counting that one as the "half" amp). My folks always cheaped out on guitar equipment and I was too stupid to. 51 matches Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Silvertone Guitar Amplifiers at Guitar Center. Most orders are eligible for free shipping!. Silvertone RCA 6L6 blackplate tubes vintage amplifier Vampire Weekend, Beck, REM, Jack White – These are some of the early adopters of the Silvertone. 71 best Silvertone Tone images on Pinterest, Guitars, Guitar and Guitar ampSilvertone amp dating - Ultimate GuitarSilvertone ID help, Gretsch-Talk ForumSilvertone Amp in Case, eBay An excellent source of information is the "Dating Vintage Guitars and Amps by Source-Date code". The above is from that article. Search the guitar for a serial number. Look behind the headstock and on the base of the neck. If there is a four-digit serial number, which the vast majority of Silvertone instruments have, you can use it to find the guitar's age. Remove the guitar's neck if you cannot find the serial number anywhere else. I purchased a brand new Silvertone Acoustic guitar, model number , from a Sears store in Birmingham, Alabama in the summer of It has a sunburst finish with white trim.

Dating silvertone guitar amplifier

The guitars, especially the s models, are frequently prized by collectors today. How It All Began…. Browse Related Browse Related. If I owned one of these old amps, I'd place it on a guitar amp stand and never move it! I got the amp in this condition in a storage estate. Dating silvertone guitar amplifier

Dating silvertone guitar amplifier -

  • The Silvertone line of amplifiers are some of the hottest vintage amps on the market today. You can look for Silvertone models on stage with Coldplay, Jack White, Beck, Vamplire Weekend, Maroon 5, .
  • Vintage Sears 5XL Silvertone Guitar Tube Amp . and construction is standard to Danelectro/Silvertone design dating back to 's.
  • Jan 30,  · When dating a silvertone amp, make sure you drain the filter caps first, before inserting your penis into the tube sockets. (With the amp unplugged of course) Forgetting to .
  • Silvertone World is dedicated to the history, evolution and appreciation of Silvertone guitars, amplifiers, electronics, instruments and the artists who use them.